Turn Around time & Shipping

Everyone of the items purchased are personally handcrafted for you & your child, so we ask that you give 10-14 business days. Sometimes sooner! If you have a special occasion that you need bows for you can always feel free to let me know & I will do my best to accommodate. Once bows ship, it should take about 5-7 business days sometimes sooner to arrive. 


Sizing of Bows

Here is a quick reference of the sizing of bows in order of smallest to largest.

  • Teddy R.: 2in. in length x 1.25in. in height, such cute pigtails & for the newest littles
  • Madison: 3in. in length X 1.5in. in height, perfect for littlest babes & for pigtails
  • Johnson: 3.5in. in length x 1.5in. in height, perfect for the littlest babes & pigtails
  • Hamilton: 3.5in. in length x 2.5in. in height, makes for great everyday where
  • Lincoln: 4.5in. in length x 1.75in. in height, a twist on honest Abe's Bowtie
  • Roosevelt: 4.5in. in length x 2in in height, the newest style & a bigger Madison
  • Eisenhower: 3.5in. in length X 3.5in. in height & perfect for all ages
  • Reagan: 4in. in length x 4in. in height, larger sailor option
  • Monroe: 5in. in length x 1.5in. in height, a great oversized Madison bow
  • Kennedy: 4.75in. in length x 2.5in. in height, great for older girls on clips

Daily Wear & Tear of Bows

I make the bows to withstand littles & the wear and tear childhood might bring. Like stated in the descriptions of the listings, all bows should be worn with the supervision of an adult and not used as a toy. I do understand that things happen & always want you to be happy with your Lady Eleanor & Co product. You can always reach out to me VIA email and I will happily repair any light damage within my control and fixing abilities.